Culture change is hard … lasting culture change is really hard

Almost everyone we speak to these days understands that changing a company’s culture will improve performance and transform results more significantly (and quickly) than almost any other form of action. Many companies therefore attempt to change their culture … but most fail (81% according to one recent study). Given the undeniable fact that building a … Continue reading

What is culture and what can it do for you?

The statistics below are specifically for the cynics, who question the importance of workplace culture in driving up measurable improvements in performance and bottom line results.   FACTS: 64% of all employees don’t feel there is a strong workplace culture; 49% of employees are dissatisfied with their direct boss; and ONLY 21% of employees feel … Continue reading

7 signs you have a great culture

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, or what perks come with your job, is it really worth it when you work in a toxic environment that makes you miserable? You may love your role and the industry you’re in, but you also need to make sure you love the company you work for … Continue reading

The seven principles of successful sales

We, at Sewells, have found that the good, highly effective “timeless” selling skills are becoming more and more difficult to find. When salespeople take the tired and outdated approaches in striving to sell successfully, many of the most important aspects of the sales process are neglected, and the desired outcomes (i.e. the sale, making a life … Continue reading

What’s killing your sales growth?

These sales statistics may come as a surprise, but they are the shocking truth that many salespeople and sales managers, don’t know or refuse to believe.   Our world renowned “Selling with Attitude” programme will transform your sales – If you and your people are not achieving what you should, let us help you to … Continue reading

We learn nothing from history apart from the fact we learn nothing from history

Many people said that the leadership practices following the financial  crisis that  started in 2007/8 would never be the same again ….. really!?! We’re not so sure because we’re seeing organisations – and their leaders – making the same critical mistakes as they did pre-crash.   “There seems to be a perverse human characteristic that likes … Continue reading

Want more profitable sales? Read on

We had an interesting discussion the other day with the Sales Director of a large, well known global brand. The company is renowned for launching new products into a competitive marketplace but some of their recent product launches have produced much poorer results than expected. The Sales Director blamed BREXIT, exchange rates, Thomas Cook collapsing, … Continue reading

You’ve created a “change story” for your business …. but do you know how to motivate your people to be committed to making it a success?

Whether it’s a “good to great” change, or a “turnaround” change, the biggest pitfall in totally engaging people to give their all to making it happen is still all too common. When we ask managers and staff, “What motivates you at work?” (and we ask this ALL the time), the responses are almost equally split … Continue reading

How to create The Instant Business Turnaround you need and want

There’s only one thing that will create an instant turnaround during challenging times … and that’s your people … or rather, your people’s performance. The old adage of “businesses don’t succeed – people do!” has never been more true. Your people are probably working harder than they’ve ever done … but there’s something missing … … Continue reading

COMPANY CONFERENCE COMING UP SOON?…..then why not try something new!!!

  Cast your mind back … when was the last time you heard a talk, or a speech, at a meeting or conference, which left you feeling:   •    Absolutely and thoroughly uplifted? •    Full with sustainable enthusiasm? •    Invigorated? •    Burning with conviction and focus? •    Wanting to “go and pull trees up” … Continue reading