Some reflections on 2018 by Sewells Chairman, Dr William Holden

We, like you, have been reflecting on how things have gone in 2018 … it’s a natural and normal thing to do at this time of the year.   How has your organisation fared? How would you score what you and your organisation have achieved in 2018?   It’s a time of reflection and resolution, … Continue reading

How to encourage your employees to take leadership roles

Every organisation needs strong leadership at the top. That’s obvious, but it’s also not enough: leaders are needed throughout the company, in every area and at every level.   When you have people with leadership potential in roles where they can make important decisions, be innovative in order to achieve goals and reach targets and … Continue reading

Sports people train with coaches their entire career to achieve outstanding performance. Why wouldn’t we in business?

Sports people train with coaches their entire career to achieve outstanding performance. So, why wouldn’t we in business? What puts many of us off is that we’re not really sure what effective coaching is, what it looks like, or even what’s involved. We’re even a little vague about the benefits. Add to that choosing the … Continue reading

In business there is usually never a “good time” for anything

Yesterday I thought I’d been stood up by a potential new, large client.   I was sitting in a hotel reception, waiting to meet him … and he finally showed up … wait for it … 58 minutes late!   As it turns out his car had broken down, but not because of something unpredictable, … Continue reading

Motivation is a daily doing, not just a slot at the annual conference

Motivation isn’t about getting people “fired up” by a “motivational speaker” at a one-off seminar or annual conference. Nor is it about selling the same ideal of success to everyone promising the world but really just trotting out the same old trite ideas like:-   Surround yourself with successful people! Get negativity out of your … Continue reading

How Great Leaders Are Constantly Improving

You must have a level of discontent to feel the urge to want to improve. Self-improvement is part of the human experience; we all have things we’d like to change about ourselves. And every leader knows you have to constantly adapt and improve if you want to achieve greatness. Whatever you’re working toward, it’s important … Continue reading

This is What Happens When You Build an “Unstoppable” Culture

Workplace culture and engagement seem to be at a definite ebb at the moment, if the findings of a recent engagement survey are anything to go by.  This survey suggested that nearly two thirds of employees felt their company didn’t have a strong or positive work culture, and nearly half said they weren’t satisfied with … Continue reading

Four Toxic Words to Avoid

There’s a dangerous 4-word phrase that crops up when we have meetings with prospects to discuss how to dramatically improve their business performance and results.   It’s a toxic little statement that can cause a whole lot of problems.   I’ve heard senior managers, in all sorts of businesses, say these words and literally risk … Continue reading

The Signs That It’s Time for an Upgrade to your Culture

Every organisation with more than 3 people in it has a culture…and studies show that the culture is the most important factor in its success – or otherwise. All companies need to go through change. All great leaders have to learn how to lead and deliver change in order to remain competitive and relevant in … Continue reading