Our most popular services (according to our clients) are:


Insightful Diagnostics...Identifying the real barriers to change

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Inspiring Leadership...to drive positive change and business improvement

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Sales and Sales Management Training...for today’s market – relationship-based and customer-centric

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Amazing Customer Handling...the kind that locks customers into you forever!

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Successfully Executing Change...to positively move all dials on the performance “dashboard”

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Eradicating Team Dysfunction...making the “whole” bigger than the “sum of the parts”

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Team Working Brilliance...removing “silo” mentalities, creating “one team” culture across functions

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Motivation to die for...for self and others to be their best self, always

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1-2-1 Performance Coaching...transferring learning into the workplace and onto the bottom line

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World Class People Engagement...how to get people to give their best day in, day out

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Effective Organisational Development...creating the right structure, capabilities and competencies

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Customer Service Excellence...Amazing customer experiences, everywhere, by everyone and every time

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Insightful Diagnostics...Identifying the real barriers to change

Our experience tells us that the biggest barriers to the positive changes and improved performance organisations want to see are in the mind-set and attitude of the people involved (not in processes, systems, resources, etc.). Diagnostic interviews give priceless insights as to what the real barriers to change are that cannot be unearthed by any other method.

Establishing the true “starting point” for any positive change programme … where people are now, in relation to where they need to be … what individuals think, feel and believe is and is not possible as it related to their role within the organisation, in the past, present and the future … is the key to the significant improvements our programmes create – FOR EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER / ORGANISATION.

We take a deep dive to help you understand what the real barriers are, and … we know how to help you fix them and stop their recurrence.

We’ve never failed to exceed pre-agreed performance objectives for any of our clients … and they want you to talk to them …

Inspiring Leadership...to drive positive change and business improvement

This ability to win against the competition comes from turning effective managers into world class leaders.

Inspiring and motivating managers to accept a new sense of personal responsibility, ownership and effectiveness for themselves and accountability to deliver on stretching objectives through being able to fully motivate the team around them is just one of the Sewells’ specialisms.

Our range of bespoke development programmes support new managers and supervisors in making the transition from being one of the team to managing and leading them effectively by providing tried and tested techniques to enable them to consistently exceed objectives and build genuine team spirit. We also give them the “will” to excel.

We turn experienced managers and supervisors into “winning” inspirational leaders who believe so deeply in what they and their organisation are all about that they will bring a crusading zeal to turning your business aspirations and objectives into a reality.

As inspirational leaders they will learn how to motivate people to “do the impossible” time and time again. They will understand how to get people to believe in their own ability to overcome obstacles, persist in adversity and in the face of the stiffest competition - to win!

Sales and Sales Management Training...for today’s market – relationship-based and customer-centric

Designed for organisations who want to create “customers for life”, not just “customers for now”, as the foundation for exceptional levels of sales growth, customer loyalty, retention and long-term profitability.

Our tried and tested effective relationship-building approach to sales (pull, not push) is a truly professional sales process able to compete with and win against the best in this digital age.

It’s structured and flexible and, focuses upon opening a long-term relationship, based upon trust and credibility and, at the same time, making it a more relaxed and enjoyable buying experience for the customers, thereby optimising sales, retention and referrals and profitability.

Our approach to sales and sales management is expertly structured and delivered in order to drive the winning relationship-based sales behaviours into the DNA of every individual in the sales team so it becomes automatic and natural. The improvements in performance we help our clients produce are breath-taking/second to none.

Amazing Customer Handling...the kind that locks customers into you forever!

As customers become more sophisticated, understanding what makes them “tick” and where to find their “hot buttons” is key to more sales satisfaction, delight, loyalty and freely given referrals and recommendations.

Customers don’t buy products or services (that’s about US), customers buy solutions; an advantage, an improvement, prestige, enjoyment, lower costs, protection against something etc. … (that’s about THEM).

Amazing customer handling is about getting them all to like and trust you, as a person and as an organisation – it’s not about being the cheapest!

If you don’t build brilliant relationships with your customers, someone else will!

Creating excellent customer handling is at the heart of any business’s success, and it’s based on making them feel welcomed, valued and appreciated – and being seen as a “trusted advisor” to expertly guide them to a satisfactory solution.

Chief Executives are constantly telling us they want customer handling and service to have top priority and really strive to create customer advocacy. But somehow, they just can’t change the behaviour of their sales managers and sales people to make this happen. And they simply don’t understand how to sell ‘to need’ rather than “pushing product”.

Successfully Executing Change...to positively move all dials on the performance “dashboard”

Whether it’s a “good to great” change, or a “turnaround” change, the biggest challenge is totally engaging everyone in the organisation to give their all to making the positive changes happen. That’s why less than 30% of change programmes succeed to deliver the expected outcomes and results.

Most organisations are desperate to improve, but they can’t seem to motivate their people to change … and that’s a huge problem.

It’s not enough for people to be open to change … they need to know the “why” they are doing it, ”why” they are doing it now and “why” you want them to do it in a particular way.

Align and embed those three “whys”, obtain total “buy in” to them – and watch the positive changes happen at such a pace, you’ll shock yourself!

This is specialist work that we, at Sewells, have made our own. You’ll be in the safest hands on your business transformation journey by partnering with us.

Eradicating Team Dysfunction...making the “whole” bigger than the “sum of the parts”

How do you get a talented group of individuals, who are not working together effectively as a team, past its dysfunctional behaviour, to delivering: -

  • Increasing focus and commitment to brilliantly executing the vision and the strategy
  • Increasing speed to market
  • Eliminating the “clubby” and “flabby” (don’t say you don’t have any please!) – the complacency and ambivalence in pockets within the organisation
  • Overcoming in-fighting, turf wars and party politics
  • Stamping out the silo mentality within the organisation – and reversing the negative belief cycles that exist … where moaning, whinging and bellyaching takes up valuable communication time
  • Creating a continuous improvement culture to exceed targets and objectives

Once dysfunctional behaviour within teams takes root and is tolerated, it can infect the whole workplace, showing itself symptomatically through a lack of employee engagement, substandard performance, attitudes of entitlement and resentment … the kind that renders even the best leadership skills ineffective.

Treating the symptoms of organisational dysfunction leads to some relief, but it doesn’t get to the root cause. For sustained and permanent change to happen, leaders and employees alike must become aware of their needs and their own emotionally driven behaviours.

We can show you how to eradicate the dysfunction of any team and the silo mentalities, that accompany them. We can also show you how to build trust and respectful challenge, which can transform the performance and results in any organisation.

Team Working Brilliance...removing “silo” mentalities, creating “one team” culture across functions

Building and sustaining an effective team is not about running a series of unrelated one-off events, rather it is a daily doing which, when practiced, will result in energised, committed, results–focused teams who consistently add value in everything they are part of … and let’s face it, delivering results is what any organisation is all about.

High performing teams are, by their very nature, deeply committed to their purpose, goals and one another. They are energised by performance challenges, which are meaningful to them and focus on tackling these collectively, enjoying the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge to further enhance their performance both individually and as a team.

How well teams work together has a dramatic impact on the performance of any organisation.

Effective teams help organisations produce significant performance improvements, can secure the future and can help companies become a magnet for talent.

Teams that are not working can well cause enormous and unnecessary disruptions, where energy and creativity is wasted and the failure to achieve tangible results and performance improvements becomes impossible.

Teams don’t become effective overnight, it takes care, attention and expertise.

Sewells can help build teams that perform way beyond previous levels within a matter of weeks and months. You couldn’t be in safer hands as our track record is second to none.

Motivation to die for...for self and others to be their best self, always

Do you know what makes your people tick? What motivates them into brilliant action?

  • By understanding the true influences on behaviour and identifying barriers to growth, individuals learn how to master simple and effective techniques in order to take control of situations and circumstances and become self-motivated and confident to achieve any desired objective – personally or corporately.
  • As individuals and managers/leaders, we all know that we have lots of unused potential locked away inside, just bursting to get out, if we only knew how to ‘press the right buttons’ and let it out.
  • Just think how much more effective you would be if you could master the timeless principles that allow the controlled release of that unused potential, firstly for yourself and then for other people, in a consistent and predictable way.
  • Turning “reluctant conscripts” into “willing volunteers” by properly empowering people and igniting their passions will unleash their full potential. It’s about ‘winning’ behaviours being instilled into the very core of their day to day “business as usual” activities.

We have 55 years of experience into showing you and your managers what to say, and how to say it, in order to not only get the message across, but also to “rev people off the clock” in the process of creating unstoppable motivation.

What makes us, at Sewells, unique is the way we inspire and motivate people to WANT TO make the behavioural changes that promotes and enhances the brand image of our clients.

When the human spirit is ignited, there are virtually no limits to what individuals or teams can achieve.

Our track record and reputation are second to none in this area.

1-2-1 Performance Coaching...transferring learning into the workplace and onto the bottom line

Through effective coaching, our highly trained and experienced practitioners are able to tactfully get to the heart of the matters that will deliver growth and development of every individual. This includes uncovering the real issues affecting personal and team performance and helping to clearly identify key objectives and how to exceed them.

Our coaching expertise includes personal development, career coaching and coaching for the new manager, operational management, people management, project and resource management, ‘end-to-end’ sales management and relationship management.

Our approach is truly unique, because it’s based on our understanding that human beings have virtually unlimited potential for growth and development, and yet how much of it they choose to use is not based upon reality, but based upon their perceptions of reality (and those perceptions are often suspect at best, seriously flawed, at worst). So, we start at that fundamental level.

Gap analysis is used to specifically look at the present skill set of individuals, their relevance to their role in the organisation and to determine a personal development plan. A variety of development interventions can be designed and delivered to fill any skills and competency shortfalls that may become evident.

The positive impact is breath-taking. Professional, discrete and highly effective one-on-one development with a specialist you can trust – and who trusts you – sets us apart from the crowd.

World Class People Engagement...how to get people to give their best day in, day out

Do you have an evocative and crystal clear “vision” and understanding of where the organisation is going? Do you or your team know what the “vision” looks and feels like once it is achieved?

We can show you how the associated “values” which underpin the “vision” and “day to day behaviours” necessary for everyone to embrace and willingly adopt to make it ‘come alive’ and move all the performance dials of the KPI dashboard in the right direction.

Creating a “force field” around achieving your vision and business objectives that channels and directs all the creativity and energy within your organisation to exceed your targets time and time again … is what we do best.

Winning the hearts and minds of people, igniting passions and putting “fire in the bellies” of everyone involved to succeed and excel in whatever area they are tasked … is what we do.

If you’re struggling with how to turn your vision and business objectives into a stunning reality, we’ll show you how to do it and get you the results you want and need.

Effective Organisational Development...creating the right structure, capabilities and competencies

For an organisation to positively increase its visibility, credibility, levels of openness, effectiveness, competitiveness, image, customer loyalty and profitability effective organisational development is a must. It creates the ultimate organisational differentiation … self-renewal/future-proofing.

Effective organisational development is a dynamic activity that not only builds the right structures, but also defines, aligns and changes beliefs, values, attitudes, feelings, behaviours organisation so that it can better adapt to new technologies, markets, challenges and threats … and leaves competitors standing!

Unless the function links together the organisations mission, vision and values, strategies, business plans, company objectives, departmental objectives and individual objectives it will fail to deliver the day to day mechanisms that drive self-renewal/future-proofing.

If your organisational development is not delivering the performance, improvements and results you want, then you may need some help from the experts at Sewells.

Customer Service Excellence...Amazing customer experiences, everywhere, by everyone and every time

Creating world class customer service is at the heart of business success. Throughout over 55 years of achieving breath-taking performance improvements for our clients, Sewells has a unique insight into the skills and techniques to create a culture of excellence in customer service.

There is no way that the quality of customer service can exceed the quality of the people who provide it. By investing in your people, they will feel valued – and so will your customers!

Winning organisations are always raising their standards. If you aren’t pushing to do better than yesterday, your customers will find someone who is.

We can help your company: -

  • Focus on delivering beyond what your customers are looking for
  • Remind employees what it feels like to be a customer
  • Provide effective, internal communications, which are vital to ensure consistency of approach, standards and messages
  • Create customer loyalty by a generous and accepting approach
  • Enable your staff to operate with confidence, where they know that they will be supported in the decisions they make
  • Demonstrate the importance of customers by including customer relations issues in all aspects of your business planning
  • Keep customers. It takes 17 times more effort and investment to win a new customer than it does to keep one!

We would be delighted to share our insights with you … we can help you create world class customer service.