TOSITA series – Video #9

Welcome to Sewells’ TOSITA series!
(The Other Shot In The Arm)

Last week, in the 8th video of the series, Sewells Chairman, Dr William Holden, discussed how our minds work on what we BELIEVE not what’s true.  The mind is the most powerful tool we possess; by passionately believing in something which doesn’t yet exist, we attract the circumstances into our lives to create it.  If you missed it and want to catch up you can watch it here.

In this, the 9th (and penultimate) video in the TOSITA  series, Will moves away from discussing the power of the individual towards looking at the power and unstoppability of us as a team.  Few organisations know how to build and maintain a team often because the clarity of their mission is lacking.

Click the link below to listen to and watch what we hope will be another inspirational “shot in the arm” as you start your week.


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