Your business environment is NOT ready to unlock the unused potential in your people and transform performance and results if:-

  1. There is an “it’s us and them” attitude
  2. The organisation’s ethos is one of “people should feel grateful for having a job after the recession”
  3. Blaming individuals or teams for what goes wrong is rife
  4. People are scared to say what they think
  5. Managers think they know best on every topic
  6. There is a culture of negativity and complaining
  7. Profit is king, and values are breached if profit margin is threatened
  8. Employees are not encouraged to learn and grow (ok, they may have personal development plans, but what happens with them?)
  9. Managers have a “we’ve always done it this way” attitude
  10. You have a “do as you are told” ethos
  11. Managers don’t explain ‘this is what we are trying to achieve” … and why
  12. Managers provide all the solutions to problems

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